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Re-Create Haute Couture Hair As Seen In Paris

Flaunting a reputable fifteen years in the business, Stephen Low has become one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the world. His most recent position as Creative Director at iconic Knightsbridge salon, Neville Hair & Beauty has seen him create some of the top photographed hair styles in magazines, on the runway and on the red carpet. We catch up with Stephen to find out how YOU can re-create his most iconic looks from Paris Haute Couture Week 2017….

Julien Fournié

1. Prepare the hair by spraying L’Oreal Volume Active on wet hair

2. Using your hands, scrunch into hair

3. Hair dry with diffuser to hold movement

4. For the perfect wet look finish, mix L’Oreal Liss Control gel-cream and Liss Control+

5. Apply mixture evenly through hair using hands

[Top Tip: The hair needs to be as wet as possible for this look to work, so more is more in this instance!]

Ziad Nakad

1. Prepare hair with L’Oreal Pli and blow-dry through with round brush

2. Use a vent brush in an upwards direction around the front hairline to create volume

3. Section hair horizontally from ear to ear to pull back straight into a ponytail just below the crown

4. Starting with the section at your neck, slightly backcomb at roots

6. Fold that section upwards towards the ponytail and tie together with elastic

7. Spritz remaining length with L’Oreal Pli to reduce size and create a small natural bun

8. Fix with grips if needed and spritz with L’Oreal Infinium

[Top Tip: It’s essential to backcomb in one direction in order to create the volume at the nape of the neck on this look]

Guo Pei

1. Each individual look was created with either L’Oreal Volume Architect 3 or Volume Lift 3

2. Spritz Techni Art Constructor and Fix Design onto hair before using curling tongs

3. Finish look with L’Oreal Infinium hairspray

[Top Tip: This look is all about preparation. Spray hairspray, spray more and more and more until it sticks!]

Antonio Grimaldi

1. Prepare hair with L’Oreal Pli and and blow dry straight

2. Take a section from the centre straight back finishing slightly wider on both sides

3. Split horizontally into two sections at the crown

4. Tie section back into high slick ponytail and fix with elastic

5. From left section scalp braid upwards towards the pony and fix with elastic to the pony tail

6. Recreate the same braid on the right hand side but continue the braid through length and secure with elastic

7. Clip remaining length of braid away until necessary

8. With remaining top section take a two cm horizontal piece and back comb to cover pony tail

9. Smooth with pin tail comb and secure with fix design and dry with diffuser

10. Continue with remaining hair as per previous step excluding back combing

11. Diffuse dry and flat

12. Take remaining braid from step 6 and pin over the top of the pony and back underneath length from top

13. Secure with fine pins

14. Finish off the look with Fix design to tidy up any stray hairs to get a nice glossy finish, diffuse dry

[Top Tip: Try to make the separate the hair into fine sections when plaiting – this will make the plaits more detailed and intimate]