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Saudi Furniture & Product Designer, Ayah Al Bitar


This October 28th and 29th, Ayah Al Bitar introduced to Dubai her latest Winter Collection, Wisada, in the newly opened studio and showroom in Dubai Design District. Saudi furniture and product designer, Ayah Al Bitar, launched her creative and thought-provoking collection during the highly anticipated Dubai Design Week, marking the brand’s capacity in the growing creative market regionally as well as highlighting her impeccable talent, setting a precedent for Middle Eastern design talent.

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Ayah Al Bitar’s latest Winter Collection merges art and function with a sculptural cushion set. Wisada hybrid pieces of furniture inspired by the difference between Eastern and Western transportation cultures encourages socializing in a traditional, yet contemporary environment. Formed in the shape of a bicycle seat and illustrated with women’s stories, a main concept throughout all collections, the range includes floor cushions with a twist. Design enthusiasts, expats and locals alike will enjoy the utterly unique concept and aesthetic of the collection. The collection is a colorful evolution from her classic pieces; customers can immerse themselves in a world of springbok fur hand died in Africa in a multitude of electric and stand out color ways. “What differentiates black from white is nothing but a perceptual image of light and dark. What differentiates a bike from a camel is nothing a false perceptual image of tradition and modernity. I don’t want to change the world; I just want to make a difference”, Ayah Al Bitar comments. With Saudi Arabian and Palestinian roots, Ayah Al Bitar is a Middle Eastern Product and Furniture Designer who studied in New York at Parsons The New School for Design. Through her work, she merges tradition and modernity creating products that are a combination of the East and the West with design, health, heritage, social and educational elements.


Wisada is a floor cushion that works best in multiples, prompting a dialogue about social and gender equality issues in a comfortable and relaxed manner; making room for humor, frustration, optimism, faith and satisfaction.

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Ayah Al Bitar is a design house, which creates limited edition contemporary products and furniture that emerge from the essence of creativity. It features designs fostering form and function as well as conceptual pieces relative to the Arab world. It emphasizes problem solving in an in-directional manner and provokes thought.