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Seyo Treatment At Rebecca Treston Aesthetics

Enjoy the miraculous results of surgery without having to go under the knife! Straight from the most innovative dermatological laboratories of Germany and Switzerland comes the SEYO®TDA therapy system – a skin treatment designed to give all the benefits of surgical procedures but without the invasive actions.

Let’s face it, it can be a tremendous challenge to find a treatment solution that is going to reverse the physical signs of ageing without causing pain and discomfort but with its innovative cell regeneration technology, the SEYO®TDA therapy system is a treatment that actually delivers the miracle-like results it boasts!

Rebecca performing treatment

Providing the deep skin reach of an invasive treatment with none of the negative impacts, SEYO®TDA is able to penetrate the cell’s root and revitalise the skin from its core. Before this ground-breaking research the cell’s core was only reachable with the scalpel and needle, but now the maximum level of skincare can be achieved with absolutely no contact on the skin whatsoever! Harnessing their training and using their expert eye, the practitioners at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics are able to The simply guide the specially-designed SEYO® applicator at a determined distance over the required regions of the skin. Next, a carefully selected mixture of oxygen and vitamin components will then be released at a specific pressure, and will penetrate the calluses and journey down to the cell’s core where the detoxification process will begin.
Many treatments such as Mesotherapy often claim to be ‘pain-free’, but then can leave redness, swelling and even bruising, but with the SEYO®TDA’s contactless therapy system, pain-free really does mean pain-free!

This state-of-the-art skincare technology is the result of years of research, and can successfully guarantee long- lasting and noticeable results. Finally, there is a fast, natural and simple way to rejuvenate the skin and achieve healthy-looking radiance. Consistently at the forefront of cosmetic and medical research, the scientists behind this pioneering treatment have worked alongside leading skincare specialists in order to create this amazing therapy, which is the perfect treatment for facial rejuvenation.

The advanced SEYO®TDA technology and Rebecca Treston Aesthetics are the perfect union, and together will provide the ultimate in anti-ageing skincare.


  •   single session for 600 AED ,
  •   package of 6 sessions for 3.000 AED

For further details, phone +971 4 394 5422 or visit www.euromedclinicdubai.com www.facebook.com/rebeccatrestonaesthetics