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Sofia Al Asfoor x Exotic Shield

Sofia Al Asfoor, the luxury leather and accessories brand introduces its Exotic Shield; the luxurious customizable piece

The Exotic piece is one of the most desired Shields; customizable and designed to one’s chosen color and style. Available in two styles, Classic and Borla, The Shield can be created using rich Ostrich or Crocodile leather with the preference of matte or glossy finishing. The leathers come in the customer’s chosen colors. Soft-to-the-touch suede leather that lines the inside of the piece is also color- customizable, with a wide selection of delicate colors.

What makes the piece truly special and a symbol of individuality is the embellishment of the hand picked emblem and the interior engraving. The precious metal emblem in either 18K Italian gold or white gold, topped with a choice of full or partial high grade diamond detailing, is placed in the center of the Shield; prompting impressions to be made. The final touch of luxury is the Shield’s handcrafted box. Calf leather wrapped boxing with smooth suede interior makes for the perfect home for such an extravagant piece.

Sofia, herself, is part of the entire process, making certain that the Shield is created to perfection and in style. Sofia’s hands-on approach adds incredible value to the Exotic Shield as her expert eye guides the hand of the artisan throughout the creation.