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The rise of the ‘Mantox’ – increasing numbers of UAE men investing in detox treatments

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital’s Wellness Clinic reports 19% increase in male patients from 2014 to 2015 – Top three treatments favoured by male patients revealed as Colonic Hydrotherapy, Nutrition counselling and 14-day Juice Detox programme.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH) has reported a YOY 19% increase (from December 2014 – December 2015) in male bookings for detox treatments – indicating 2016 may be the year of the ‘Mantox’. A cosmopolitan trend traditionally sought-after by more women than men, detox treatments are now evidently catching the eye of more and more men, as the AACSH’s Wellness Clinic last year saw a steady growth of men looking to invest in themselves after returning from the holiday season.


According to the findings, the top three treatments favoured by male patients are Colonic Hydrotherapy – which saw a staggering increase of 21% – followed by the clinic’s 14-Day Detox programs with 12% growth, and Nutrition counseling services, which saw 11% YOY increase in male patients. Although January is traditionally seen as the official ‘month of the detox’, the last six months of 2015 still saw a steady growth of male patients in 2015, in comparison to 2014, showing a commitment in men choosing healthier lifestyle changes over the course of the year.


Dr Jenna Burton, GP and Aesthetic Physician at AACSH, comments on the new trend: “The term “you are, what you eat” becomes more apparent once a patient begins to detox and break down what they consume. Here in the UAE, many fast foods, readily available and majority with delivery, results in temptation for the vast population to consume fatty additives and preservatives.”

Man drinking water with lemon

Man drinking water with lemon


“The general public, including men, are becoming more educated and aware of the importance of healthy eating when combined with other ‘cleansing’ holistic treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy and professional dietician counselling. We’ve noticed a general shift in increased patient knowledge on wellbeing and are happy to provide the latest, pioneering treatments and techniques for the progressively-discerning patient. For example, we have recently introduced a new innovative IV therapy – during which patients receive bespoke vitamin packages, which are absorbed by the body intravenously – and which is still relatively new in terms of mass market availability.

“Men in the UAE are evidently taking an increasingly proactive approach towards improving their health, which can only be seen as a positive development, and we look forward to helping more and more men and women improving their health through our variety of holistic therapies available in our Wellness Clinic,” Dr. Burton concludes.