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The Balé: Bali’s Most Romantic Resort

Bali in Indonesia has to be one of the most popular and sought after destinations on many people’s travel ‘bucket list’; Bali is just one of those islands that are a heavenly must-visit, and more so for couples and newlyweds.

If you are looking for a tranquil, serene and an altogether slower paced locale within Bali, then escape the crowded tourist areas like Seminyak and head for the more upmarket and luxurious region of Nusa Dua.

Nusa Dua is the peninsula within South Bali and is well known as an enclave of many high end hotels and resorts, as well as home to the most popular golf course in Bali. With such a relaxing lifestyle on offer within a beautiful setting, The Balé is certainly the ideal place to stay.


The Balé

Nestled in the breezy hillside of Nusa Dua, The Balé is a mere 20 minute ride from Denpasar airport, offering its guests the perfect dreamy getaway, and with their ‘no-children’ policy, the resort is an unadulterated sanctuary for pure relaxation, rejuvenation and romance.

On entrance to The Balé, first thing noticed is it being situated just off the roadside, and upon veering round the corner of its location, The Balé presents itself right in front of you like that of a hidden gem.

A bright, light and very modern establishment, The Balé can be considered to be on the verge of being avant-garde within its design aesthetics, and surrounded with white Zen-like limestone fixtures, Balinese architect, Anthony Liu designed The Balé based on a clean palette that resulted in a highly stylish, contemporary and an extremely impressive palatial ground.

The grounds of The Balé is a dedicated retreat of total blissfulness. With a central vast sweeping stairway located at the foot of the reception, the view beyond this warmly beckons you to tour the resort’s grounds.DSC_0223

Arriving at the top of the steps and being welcomed by the views of the main pool area is truly breathtaking. As you meander around the resort, you are never far from a member of staff who are all pleasantly smiley, friendly and right on cue in wishing you a good morning, afternoon or evening.

In touring the resort, The Balé does give off the feeling of being part of a secret ‘high-society’ neighborhood, as apart from the staff, you rarely run into any other guests staying there.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo why probably may you not see other in-house guests around? Well, quite simply, it boils down to the accommodations within the resort:




With 29 private pavilions within the resort, each housing your very own: private swimming pool, well maintained garden and an outdoor shower alongside a daybed, it can be summed up in short as a mere ‘paradise within paradise’ and you can find yourself situated for the duration of your whole vacation just staying within your pavilion.

Choose from an option of three accommodation styles, double pavilion, deluxe pavilion and single, all equally as luxurious and all equally idyllic.


Imagine putting together the perfect holiday ‘relaxation wish-list’ and for certain “not moving a muscle” would feature highly on the list. The Balé allows perfectly for this, by assigning you your very own round-the-clock personal butler, which totally leaves you wanting for nothing.

The modern design of the resort refreshingly translates throughout the bedroom, bathroom with its airy and bright furnishing and sleek mirrored interiors.

Sidenote: having your mini-bar restocked daily with complimentary soft drinks&juices… #addedbonus!

??????????????06.Deluxe Single Pavilion overviewNot content enough on providing you the best facilities within your pavilion, The Balé decides to make it twice as tough for you to decide on where to shower and where to sleep!

Choose from your pristine in bathroom shower, or a delightful outdoor shower under the Bali skies. And likewise with your sleeping arrangements; does one stay in the blissful comfort of the bedroom or step outside and sleep under the stars.

All very romantic, as you lie back looking out into the shimmering lights that bounce off your private pool hitting the many frangipani trees.

Each option is a definite must and probably will also feature highly on that ‘relaxation wish-list’.

Aside from the daily free soft drink mini bar, additional courtesy items that go a long way in making all the difference is, the woven wicker beach bag that hangs ready in the wardrobe, and is at your disposal for the duration of your stay.

In mention of this list and not wanting to move a muscle, once again this is easily accomplished by having your daily breakfast served to you in the comfort of your pavilion.

The breakfast in-room dining option does not (thankfully) limit you to what you can and cannot have or how much you can have of it! Literally the whole menu is indeed a buffet, as you are encouraged to freely order as much and as often (before 11.30am) as your taste buds and stomach can handle. Giving a totally new definition to the old age phrase of “breakfast in bed” – whether that be the indoor bed or outdoor option! 


And just in case you are one for guilt-free, calorie-free, health conscious living – even whilst on vacationing, then worry not, as The Balé has an extensive healthy dining range on their menu, as well as even catering for both vegans and halal requests.

So to make space for all the amazing culinary breakfast dishes on offer, a suggestion would be to take an early morning leisurely swim (in your private pool) making sufficient space to indulge in what is to come!



Silk painted sarong by CRISTINA SCICOLONE

TAPA Bistro

When looking for a reason to tear yourself away from the comfort of your pavilion, one of these reasons comes in the form of TAPA, The Balé’s very popular bistro. Putting a culinary spin on the everyday expectations of Spanish tapas, TAPA bistro is anything but Spanish.

What it is, is a uniquely designed bistro offering cocktails and delicious tapas-style dishes from around the world. So take your culinary senses on a journey from the West through to the East; European to Mexican, Balinese to Japanese, engage in unique, individual and masterfully created dishes that come in bite-size portions.

Set within a location that can only be described as an ultra-modern, ultra-chic treehouse, TAPA bistro is colorful chilled-out lounge meets restaurant. Hosting, four times a week – live DJs and acoustic performers, the ambiance is never dull and by time, you may just find yourself toe-tapping away to the soulful sounds of nu-jazz, or even up on the dance-floor!


Sitting up high in the bistro, you can enjoy the sights around which overlooks both the resort as well as the hills beyond the Nusa Dua area. Opening its doors in 2014, the bistro welcomes both in-house guests as well as those who are not staying at the resort, and as such it has become a popular eatery within Nusa Dua.

The bistro is certainly a melting pot of international diners, and whether this is a reflection of how diverse the menu is, the bistro is very inviting, the menu easy to understand and simple to order from, the overall pricing on par with the standard and variety offered.

01 HERO IMAGE - Tapa_bistro

The tapas system makes for a fun and flexible way of dining, as choosing from a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes could end up becoming a little addictive for wanting to try everything on the menu. This way you can try a variety of amazing taste sensations at very reasonable prices without having to limit your choice to a single main course.

The most favored and recommended dish is the Goat Cheese Ravioli, and as tapas-style dining goes, you may just fall into the cycle of ordering and reordering more of this. They are quite literally what can only be described as: miniature sized pieces of heaven in creamy mushroom sauce!

Trio Scallops, TAPA Bistro

Another favorite and a must-try on the TAPA menu is the Trio Scallops, which are cooked in three different ways, well actually cooked in two ways – one serving is raw, which you will find to be surprisingly flavorsome.14.-tapas-and-cocktails_595

The menu is so varied that you can be eating Babaganoush and Guacamole both in one mouthful, followed by a round of Edamame beans, Nasi Goreng and Mac’n’Cheese in another. Then rounded sweetly off with a host of miniature desserts such as tiramisu’s and chocolate mousses to choose from.

Whereas, as previously mentioned, the resort does not permit under 16 year olds, here at TAPA bistro, the whole family is welcomed in this ideal venue for sharing great food and good fun. The laid back, relaxing atmosphere does make for a charming hassle-free, fuss-free evening out; whether it be a romantic night as a couple or letting your hair down within a group of friends.


The Spa at The Balé

The Spa at The Balé is strikingly minimalist in its design – a complete contrast to the usual Balinese décor that may be expected within a spa facility. Featuring a relaxed modern style but inspired by the calming virtues of Balinese rituals, The Spa features Zen-inspired touches which embraces guests within a fresh and soothing atmosphere.


All treatment rooms at The Spa are couple designed and so have double beds, with the most romantic being the room which allows you to gaze out looking at your natural surrounds whilst having your treatment. There couldn’t be a more relaxing ambience to inspire you to surrender completely to the stress-reducing treatments.

Upon arriving at the spa, each guest meets with a consultant to customize a program suited to his or her needs, but if at lost for what treatment to indulge in, then the recommended signature treatment of the Crystal Healing Hot Stone therapy should certainly be considered.

Hot Crystals have been used for thousands of years to restore health and balance at all levels; emotional, physical and spiritual. In the treatment, crystals are placed on and around the body to help synchronize and balance the seven chakras and heal and clear energy fields. The physical, spiritual and emotional benefits to the treatment are documented to be endless and amongst this are: release of anxiety and stress and in doing so, increasing alertness and concentration.


The seclusion of The Spa and in fact the resort itself, does add to the tranquil state that you may be left in post-treatment. So take the time to have relax further and complement your treatment, by having a light and nutritious spa cuisine at the spa’s Bliss Restaurant, which specializes in nourishing dishes and drinks for the beauty of body and soul, thoughtfully prepared by their culinary team.

In a nutshell, The Balé should truly come with a disclaimer attached to your booking. The disclaimer should read along the lines of …

“This resort oozes an air of romance within its very core, and therefore may be considered hazardous to a single person’s heart”

The Balé is a honeymooner paradise: sleep late, order room service, enjoy the spa and swim in your private infinity pool, and leave the real world behind you as you veer round the corner to enter the resort!

It is everything and more that you could possibly want in a relaxation holiday that you may actually not be bothered about the fact that the resort does not come with a connecting beach. However, if you are inclined to be more of a sun, sea and sand lover, then making the short walk (or taking the complimentary shuttle drop off service) to the resort’s private Geger Beach Club can be accessed daily.

Saying this, in all honesty, with the amount of pampering and lack of want there is at the resort, it will not be surprising to find yourself forgetting to even step out of your private pavilion till that dreadful day comes around – which is also commonly known as the check-out day.

Location: The Balé, Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan

P.O Box 76, Nusa Dua 80363

Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62-361-775111

Email: bliss@thebale.com

Website: www.thebale.com  / www.lifestyleretreats.com

TAPA Bistro: Monday-Sunday, 5.00pm–11.00pm