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The Ramadan Sanctuary by Ayah Al Bitar

‘The Sanctuary’ by Ayah Al Bitar in line with Ramadan

Ayah Al Bitar unveils her latest collection a concept built on meditation, a true sense of relaxation, as well as aid storage solutions for the act of Islamic praying. A beautiful and incredibly smart product never before seen, it is totally personalised, made to order and customisable. 

Ayah Al Bitar_The Sanctuary

‘The Sanctuary’ was born as a result of aiding situations in day-to-day lives; specifically developed to facilitate the pre-prayer routine.  ‘The Sanctuary’ is a unique and inspirational design never-before-seen, creating a space that is practical and creative.
Ayah Al Bitar_The Sanctuary 2
‘The Sanctuary’ will launch this June in line with the holy month of Ramadan, offering the ultimate prayer sanctuary. Males and females will not realize how much time and effort goes into finding storage solutions for pre-prayer until they meet ‘The Sanctuary’; everything in one place, all the time.