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The Wonders Of Cryotherapy

Who would have thought that involving extremely low temperatures is helpful to our health and comforting to your body? Not until June 2013, when CRYO opened at Jumeirah Emirates, it then introduced a facility that offers the first state-of-the-art whole and local body cryotheraphy. Cryotheraphy is a curative health  treatment  involving  extremely low temperatures  (-120 to -160 degrees Celsius)

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Almost everyone hates the intense heat and humidity that we are experiencing throughout this period, not only that as it can also take a toll on your complexion and can cause the skin to sweat and making it more prone to breakouts. But through the Body Cryotherapy and CRYO Glow combo, they not only cool down your body from extreme heat summer temperature, but will also help to feel and look your best!

The CRYO’s Gow Facial flushes away and breaks down the toxins stored in the layers of the skin, it prevents further imperfections and leave the skin firm and tight. This facial can also stimulate the body’s own production of collagen, that helps your skin to stay as smooth and supple as ever.

The most popular body treatment during this season is CRYO’s Whole Body Treatment that can surprisingly helps you lose up to 800 calories in 3 minutes! Not to mention that the anti-inflammatory properties of this treatment will also allow you to recover faster after a workout, so you can step up your routine before the upcoming beach days. Of course, the freezing cold air is a plus, an ideal way to feel refreshed and revitalized in this weather which is known to weigh people down with fatigue.

As of now, CRYO  opened  its  second  facility  in  the  UAE  at  Dubai  Ladies  Club  on Jumeirah Beach Road in October 2014 and is also planning to open new locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this year.

For more information you can contact:


The Boulevard- Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai

Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm except Fridays, opening from 2pm – 8pm

CRYO Dubai Ladies Club- Jumeirah 2, Before Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Road, opposite Emirates hospital, Dubai

Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm except Fridays, opening from 11am – 7pm

+971 4 351 8300 / +971 56 7240608