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Travel-inspo for the perfect weekend getaway

How bad do you need a vacation right now? If you’re sitting on your desk daydreaming about tropical islands, country getaways or city escapes then my guess is you probably need to take one ASAP. So the question is – can you?

If you paused to think about the answer then you probably have a lot going on right now. Don’t worry – there’s still a way to get that perfect break in just a few days.

Whether you’re an adventurer or you just simply need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine – we’ve get you covered with travel-inspo for the perfect weekend getaway.

Here are some great weekend travel ideas for you. Keep it short and sweet and come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on another busy week.

6 weekend getaway ideas if you’re living in the GCC

1 – Jordan

Whether you want to discover ancient Petra (one of the Wonders of the World) or rejuvenate your body and mind at the Dead Sea. Jordan offers something for both your adventurous side and your lazy one.

2 – Oman

Who knew we were just a short trip away from crystal clear waters and picturesque mountain views. Take a weekend trip to Oman and explore their glorious landscapes while staying in a luxorious resort. The perfect escape from your busy work week.

3 – Lebanon

Your options are endless. Spend the day up in the mountains discovering some of the country’s beautiful villages then make your way back to Beirut to get a taste of the city’s roaring nightlife – everything you need for the perfect break.

4 – Luxor, Egypt

This one’s for the adventurers. Dive into the country’s most beautiful history and get a taste of ancient Egypt all in one short trip.

5 – Maldives

Who said this was only for honeymooners? Get the Maldives experience in just a few days by staying in any of the picture perfect islands’ majestic hotels. Spend a few days by the transparent waters, enjoy some water sports or maybe bask in your own solitude under the sun. It’s your weekend, spend it your way by the waves.

6 – Goa

In just a few short hours you can be transported from your hectic work week to the most serene setting. Lay out under the sun and take in this coastal gem while you get a taste of the Indian culture with a Portuguese flare. With so many beautiful beaches to choose from – you can’t go wrong.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a break – you earned it.