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Two birds, one stone.

15025403_542935742548268_3526010587563240862_oHi guys!

Im so happy to collaborate with QMIN, they were so kind to offer me this space to write and share my thoughts with all of you!

I normally have an instagram to share photos, youtube and snapchat to share videos but i can now articulate my thoughts into words in addition to adding photos and videos!
I’m going to keep my articles short and sweet (not too short). And todays topic is what i get a lot of questions on, through snapchat.
Im going to discuss briefly about why I’ve decided to push my career through starting a company, and not just focus on my social media platforms. Many of you have asked why i don’t just concentrate fully on the “Micro-blogging” aspect. Although i love social media so much, and its partly the reason I’ve decided to start a physical company, but i do believe for me, i need more of a tangible asset to support my digital one.
The instagram/snapchat blogging world has thrived so much in the past few years, but i anticipate that one day, this trend will die out, and another one will take its place. Just like how recently VINE has decided to shut down, many people lost their internet careers along with it. POOF. Just like that. Don’t get me wrong, i am so grateful and happy to have grown so much on social media, but i feel like i can support it by growing it a different direction.

So starting a marketing agency (@paradigmqatar) was a mean of thriving my career in the physical world, while simultaneously supporting myself on my social media channels. Win/win.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my marketing agency will be more successful. God forbid, i may lose everything and fail drastically but at least i have somewhat physical control of steering the wheel, following the latest trends in the industry and adapting to whatever platform comes at me next.

So combining both my agency and my platforms have added a double effect for me that seem to be working.
If i was to give anyone any advice about their career, i would tell them to find more than one source of income,  especially for entrepreneurs. Although many people might argue that focusing on one thing entirely helps to fully immerse them in that field (which i do not disagree with and thats totally fair) But i say: Explore your options, always be on your toes and go where the flow takes you.
Don’t get too comfortable.
Instagram: @lulumohamadali