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Uncovering The Kooples! 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Brand


Uncovering The Kooples! 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Brand!

Brotherly Love. Contrary to popular belief, The Kooples was not founded by a couple and rather by three brothers. Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elicha opened their first store in 2008. The Elicha Brothers are known for their style and unique aesthetic. They marry together their unique style into each collection of The Kooples

A Family Affair. The founder’s parents founded the famous French brand for women Comptoir des Cotonniers in 1995. Alexandre and Laurent were both working in the company until its resale in 2005. A non- concurrence clause kept the brothers away from fashion for 3 years. They used this period to work on a new project: and The Kooples was born.

That’s So French! Yes, despite the English name and its Rock & Roll style, the brand is actually French. That’s not to say the rest of Europe had no influence, the brothers always root their creations to Saville Row, the epicenter of British tailoring. Nevertheless, the head quarters and the heart of the brand remain quintessentially French!

Koopled Up! Even before opening their first stores, the brand had launched a major advertising campaign featuring couples, with no mention of the brand, only the names of the couple and the sentence “Have been in couple for xx” The reaction in Paris were immediate, people were wondering if it was a new band or a new way to meet people.

All About Love. Love and music, music and love, the brand draws its inspiration from all the wonderful Rock & Roll couples of days past. Portraying the rebellious, edgy, sometimes tragic stories of those who love to love and play the songs of the soul.

What’s Mine Is Yours. The founding concept of The Kooples is a one stop shop for couples. Androgynous, unisex fashion that couples can share. The fashion house has perfected the art od balancing the masculine and the feminine.

They Found Love In A Hopeless Place! Did you know that the adorable couples featured in all The Kooples’ ads where found randomly in the streets? The Kooples is quintessentially a brand all about couples!

The Man Who Would Be King. Rock & Roll kid, Pete Doherty, designed a collection for the brand for both men and women in 2012. Maintaining and strengthening the bond the brand has with music.

Be A Sport! The Kooples Sport was created in 2012. The idea was to create a casual line mostly influenced by American collegiate fashion with a preppy flair, leggings, sweatshirts, polo shirts, T- shirts and cardigans. Perfect for weekend–ready style.