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Virya and Vedana fine jewellery collections – Power, femininity and strength are the new essentials of the Versace Fine Jewellery collection. A collection that redefines the jewellery codes and interprets Versace’s quest for innovation, individuality and elegance


Virya – with its precious stones and sharp geometry, is wisely crafted by a unique setting technique that let the light and the colours play and reflect on the mirror facets of the gold. The iconic Greek key set like an interchanged signature in gold. Necklaces, rings and earrings embellished with rare gemstones like black onyx, amethyst and honey citrine.

Vedana made of earrings and rings, is enriched by an original spherical shape of the precious stones in nine different sizes, never used before in jewellery. This innovative stone-cutting revolutionizes the rings fit conferring a brand new sensation on the skin. The mirror polished gold plays with the light, conveying a vibrant life to the stones.