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Weekend at The Sheraton

Hi everyone!

I had the pleasure of unwinding and spending a weekend at the renovated Sheraton Grand Doha last weekend. What i covered on snapchat really doesn’t give the room any justice!

I was a member at the sheraton growing up, so walking into the hotel really brought back my childhood memories. Something about the grandness of the sheraton makes you feel so royal. From the colors of the interior, to the distant yet nostalgic sound of the piano, i knew i was going to have a good stay.

After checking in, i got into the elevator and realized that there is nothing like the elevators at the sheraton. If you’ve ever been in one, then you know the feeling. The view of the entire hotel from the elevator window as you’re ascending is irreplaceable.

The junior suite floor is something else. Stepping out of the elevator and dragging my carry on behind me, i instantly got a whiff of the smell of luxury. Do you even know what is smells like? If they ever give you access to the 10th floor at the sheraton you should go by and just smell the air. Something in the detergent and scent they use really mentally prepares you for what you’re about to enter.

So the doors of my suite swing open and i get a rush of excitement (just like you would when you enter a new hotel room) but this one was a little different. I grinned at the red interior and thought to myself “The sheraton has not changed one bit”

I was welcomed with a note on the table in the living room area, and some sweets which i have a feeling they knew i would attack. I was having an inner struggle to try some, but i also wanted to take a photo. Really tested my willpower there. 

The view is crucial for me. If the room I’m staying in has no view, it would really affect my mood. Guess what, the view was on POINT. Checked that box off. Nothing can prepare you for the sheraton sea view.

The room was beautiful. I felt like i was in a royal yacht. That seating area at the lower level gave me that vibe. The mix of colors for that room was palatial. The red color is sheratons signature. They even use it in some of their ballrooms. I respect hotels that know exactly how to distribute their use of colors.

I looked around the room and instantly thought to myself “YES TWO BATHROOMS” not that i will be using both simultaneously but i have a thing for “the more the merrier”. If i was to have anyone over, they can use the ‘Other one’. But mind you i made an effort to wash my face in one and shower in the other.

Can i also say how amazing the food was? I ate in the room twice, once for dinner and the other for breakfast. Everyone knows this about the sheraton catering. Theres nothing more tasteful and beautifully presented than the sheraton. My breakfast in the morning was surely the best. Especially with a view like the sheratons.

Overall, i had a very pleasant stay. The pillows were so comfortable (something i look for in hotels) and their service was impeccable. The staff was kind and so helpful. When i asked for an additional bottle of water, they got me five! When i wanted an extra towel, they came in and changed all of them and gave me plenty. They were so generous and so hospitable and i would definitely come back for a weekend getaway. What better stay would i want that in the renowned landmark of Doha?

I highly recommend it!