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Weekend Getaway: Banana Island Resort by Anantara

If you were looking for an extra excuse to plan that coveted island getaway, this destination delivers many motivations to visit for its’ remote, exotic, and wondrous location…QMIN Team provides you with the knowledge about Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara after speaking with Aye Mon Yee – Director of Spa & Wellness.


What is the story behind the name banana island?

It is an island of natural exclusivity that was formed with sand.  With its convenient location just off the coast of Doha and stunning views over the Arabian Gulf, the name of Banana Island has been popular for local residents for the past few years, because of the crescent shape of the island even before the development of the resort.


When was Anantara founded originally and when was it brought to Qatar?

Anantara is founded in 2001 in Thailand and our first hotel is Anantara Hoa Hin. Anantara was brought to Qatar in 2013 and made an agreement with Al Riyyan to manage Banana Island and hotel was open on 1st of January 2015.


What are the unique traits of this treatment of Signature Massage?

Anantara hotel’s Signature massage (combination of Thai, Swedish, Arabic technique, offering different kind of oil to choose). Our signature blend of oils, combined with purpose-designed movements, stimulates circulation and promotes deep relaxation. Restores the flow of energy, or prana, along with the meridian lines.


What is your most popular treatment and why?

Our popular treatment in Anantara Doha is our Signature, the reason why is Anantara Signature massage designed for each individual needs and customized massage. Also our Elemis Biotec facial treatment are popular as we have Revel machine to analyze your skin before getting on to the treatment with better and best recommendation that your skin needs.


How have you adapted the Anantara brand for the local market? Through F&B or Decor for example.

Each Anantara Hotel and Resort draws its strength from the rich cultural traditions, historic heritage and natural beauty of its destination. As such, every experience is a unique voyage of discovery and inspiration that is distinctly Anantara but also embraces the local culture.

The Anantara brand was born in Thailand and is renowned worldwide for its heartfelt hospitality and personalized service – Qataris are known for their genuine warmth and natural hospitality.

Intertwining the rich generosity of Thai and Qatari hospitality, Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara offers high standards of service and luxury, matched by impressive facilities.  The resort boasts the first and only wellness center of its kind in the Middle East, its own helicopter pad, marina, dive center, as well as a wide range of leisure and entertainment facilities.


From the external facades to the interior design, the traditions and history of the region were taken into consideration and embraced as a core value of the development.  The resort has been designed in splendid Arabian style.

Anantara inspires guests to create their own amazing story by offering a wide range of indigenous experiences.  Culinary experiences include authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, specialty shisha tobacco mixes to the sounds of Middle Eastern music, and Spice Spoons cooking classes in which guests learn how to create traditional Qatari dishes with a master chef.

Anantara Spa’s overwater sanctuary offers exclusive hammam rituals, as well as traditional Arabian beauty and wellness treatments.


How do you hope to promote ‘wellness’ through Anantara initiatives; any upcoming campaigns, collaborations or past events (Breast Cancer largest ribbon for example)?

Qatar is rapidly becoming an important destination for international travelers, with continued major investments in the hospitality & tourism sectors. Tourism plays a very important role in Qatar’s growth and evolution with planned investments of more than $40 billion.

As a new established luxury resort, our focus at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara is to support Qatar’s strategy to become ‘a world class hub with deep cultural roots’ within the region. We are focusing on promoting a ‘family friendly’ environment at the resort where the entire family enjoys being in one place and gets to spend quality time together with fun and engaging activities for all. On the other hand, having the first wellness center in the Middle East in a Resort, we are working on marketing the resort as a Wellness and Spa destination. Our marketing strategy incorporates all key mediums from above the line to PR and social media activation to connect with our audiences. The campaigns highlight our USP and key distinguishing features that help position us with all members of the community, from young adventure enthusiasts to food connoisseurs and the relaxed holiday revelers looking for tranquility.

We are utilizing our strengths across key communication platforms to target residents in Qatar and across our focus markets with print ads, radio spots, digital campaigns and traditional PR to help them experience and discover all that we have to offer.


As a Director of Spa, what is the favourite part of your work/industry?

My Favourite part of working in the Spa & Wellness industry: creating a beautiful environment, seeing people happy and satisfied their treatment, beautiful, peaceful place to get away from normal hectic day, place that you can find your own time or quality time with your love ones, educating them and sharing them how to live healthy, happily and well-being living lifestyle. I am very privilege to work with one of the fastest growing company in hotel industry Anantara (MSpa) and truly enjoy at my work. Having a dynamic team is the gold. Spa & wellness industry is dramatically growing and there’s a lot to learn of coming up trend, bringing into Qatar to introduce them and creating a history of Anantara Spa and wellness is absolutely wonderful.


Which treatment would you recommend as a personal favorite?

Every treatment in the menu is my favorite as we have carefully and thoughtfully created. However, My Personal Favorites for massage is either Traditional Thai Herbal compress massage or Signature Massage.   For facial Elemis Boitec Radiance for hot weather and Natura bisse Carboxi express for Dull skin day.


Banana Island, Qatar

Tel: +974 4040 5050

Email: doha@anantara.com