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Welcome to Jade, where luxury meets perfection.

Have you ever entered anywhere and instantly got a feeling that you can now let go, leave your problems and your worries at the door, and that it will all be taken care of?

That’s how i felt when i walked through the sliding doors at Jade, a female only luxury gym, and was greeted by a very friendly face at the reception. I was told to wait in the seating area so someone could escort me upstairs.

I have heard about Jade so much, so i wanted to see it for myself. I wanted to understand what made this place unique and prestigious, and why the clientele was so high profile.

After being offered something to drink, i was finally escorted to the elevators and up to the first floor. As the elevator doors slid open, i felt a wave of energy and as i looked around, i saw women of all ages working out with a personal trainer pushing them beyond their limits. The dedication on the women’s face was something I’ve never seen at a gym before. A member of Jade took me past the gym area and into the changing rooms, with the sauna and steam room upon entry. The colors of Jade are so consistent, and so calming. They even used the same colors and translated them into the tiny details in their changing room. I felt like i was walking into my royal walk in closet. You want to know what the best part of the changing rooms are? They have their own hair salon! I was mind blown when i heard that you can work out, shower and get your hair done by professionals before leaving the gym. That is first class celebrity treatment. You wont get that anywhere in Qatar.

Not only do they have top notch machinery, but they also have world class personal trainers. They all greeted me with a smile and a nod as they continued to train their clients.

You want to hear the best thing about Jade? They also offer a massage to their clients.  Jade members can enjoy an exclusive massage after a long day at the gym, with expert masseuses that target the muscles based on the workouts.

Not only are they a luxury gym, but they are also a community for women. Each month, they offer their members and their guests an opportunity to attend a seminar with world class celebrities and experts, from social media influencers, to makeup artists or health experts. I was lucky to have been invited to a seminar last month with Alia Al Moayyad, a nutritional therapists and i sat there while around 40 Jade members curiously asked Alia for advice and tips.

Overall, i think jade is a beautiful concept created to empower women and build a community amongst themselves. I felt like home when i walked through the doors and i think that is what women need; a home away from home for a change!

For more info check their website out on www.jadeqatar.com
Instagram: @Jadeqatar
Contact number: 44157333