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Will This App Change The Way Models Are Booked?

With talent agencies scouting models through various new methods, including social media, here is an application that might revolutionize the way these beauties are chosen!

Instagram has been used for a while now as a way to recruit up-and-coming models for designer shows by various agencies. With the emergence and uprise of social media, talent agencies are now heavily relying on the internet and social media to attract new faces to grace the catwalks of the world’s most coveted fashion designers.


A more recent approach has come through the introduction of apps, namely an application called Swipecast, which has been named as the “Uber of Modeling”. The idea behind it is simple: instead of going through an agency for the filtering process, photographers, casting directors, and even brands can connect with these models directly, by viewing their day rates, statistics, and other facts of interest through the click of a button!


Swipecast was designed by Peter Fitzpatrick, who is the president of Silent Models NY agency with the aim of providing a booking alternative that speeds up the process. Of the application, he says: “This was really meant as a way to solve problems and give everyone access. There are a lot of really great photographers who could be the first assistant to a Steven Klein or Steven Meisel, and this could help them have access to great models as they test and build their own books.”

He continues by saying: “You’re able to book a couple of jobs for 750 dollars and get paid almost instantly, book the job on Wednesday and the money’s in your account on Friday. You can now pay your rent, go buy a great pair of heels.”